They knew each other already for years; the three musicians of Cecilia often met playing in a folk-club or simply for a dance. Then upon one summer-evening they met their Muse; suddenly they sounded so wonderful together that they decided to travel on as Cecilia.

Traces of traditional music still in their hearts and the influence of contemporary music in their ears, the drive to create, play and perform, the passion for dancing and partying but also plain simple things in life have inspired their music. While bagpipes and hurdy- gurdy provide a drone landscape, accordion chords change the colours from fresh (ever)green to blue(s) with sometimes a seducing whispering flute.

Cecilia plays pure dance music; clear arrangements, a strong rhythmic, beautiful melodies that stay in your head long after you left the party and that are registered on their CD’s: "Danser en couple", "In Bad", "Blauw Gras" and their youngest album "Pastourelle".